Samsung Winding Down LCD Production

It's gonna be all Quantum Dot displays in 2020

Why This Matters:

The sun is setting on your venerable LCD display in favor of LED and OLED technologies. This decision by Samsung, a leading display manufacturer, means that you soon won’t be seeing many pure LCD displays on TVs, tablets, or phones.

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Samsung plans to end LCD display production by the end of this year, according to ZDNet.

What’s going on: Samsung, one of the top three display manufacturers in the world, plans to shift South Korea and China display production from LCD to Quantum Dot technology.

Your changing screens: Perhaps by now you’ve noticed that the majority of leading-edge 4K TVs and most smartphones are now made with either LED, OLED or AMOLED technology. LED uses individually colored diodes but still, like LCD, uses an external backlight, while OLEDs are organic light emitting diodes that each produce their own light.

Time for the change: Samsung’s recent reliability breakthrough with Quantum Dot film that emits its own light may be paving the way for retiring LCD, which often uses long-lasting fluorescent lights strategically positioned behind the translucent LCD panel.

Who makes the displays? Samsung and LG are the number 2 and 1 display manufacturers in the world. Along with their own devices and TVs, these companies often sell panels to third-party companies, including Apple.

Bottom Line: Expect LCD screens, which are cheaper but not as good as LED and OLED screens, to join plasma as a retired display technology in the not-too-distant future.

Via: ZDNet

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