Samsung Decides to Drop Ads From Its Default Apps

You should stop seeing ads in proprietary apps later this year

Samsung has decided to stop showing ads in its proprietary apps and widgets, which will take effect sometime later this year.

Samsung's inclusion of ads in its default apps like Samsung Weather and Samsung Pay has been an irritation for many who had just spent hundreds of dollars on a new phone. It seems Samsung has taken this to heart. In a recent company town hall, as reported by Yonhap News, mobile chief Roh Tae-moon stated that he wants ads gone from from native apps.

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Samsung hasn't specifically said it's going to remove ads for every default app, though that does seem to be the implication. In a statement given to The Verge, the company called out a couple of specific examples, such as Samsung Pay and Samsung Weather.

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The news has many Samsung users both ecstatic and annoyed, as they're happy to see ads on the way out, but irritated by their baffling inclusion in the first place. Twitter user @_arj123 summed this up when stating, "What a revolutionary feature! No ads! But seriously, good they finally realized that ads have no place on smartphones… especially flagships. I don't know who put them there in the first place."

Samsung hasn't provided a specific date for when these ads will be gone, simply saying an update will roll out later this year. Yonhap says that when the change does come through, it will be via a One UI software update.

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