Samsung Augmented Reality App to Enhance Shopping

Retail Mode allows users to compare devices virtually

Samsung is launching a new app that uses augmented reality to enhance the shopping experience.

The company says the inspiration for this upcoming feature is changing consumer shopping habits as more people go online to shop.

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Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience where objects in the real world are enhanced with digital information. AR is available across many different apps in the form of photo filters or mobile games where you can interact with characters.

The Samsung app is known as Retail Mode, which will only function at Best Buy, online, and at select retailers. While in a supported location, users can open up the app to explore sizing, color options, and how the item looks while worn. Users will also be able to scan a QR code in-store to unlock the same capabilities online.

The Size and Compare options are included in the AR experience. As the name suggests, the Size option allows users to see how big a device is compared to their hand. Compare will then let you compare and contrast different devices (even competing ones) in real-time.

That means you might be able to compare a Galaxy Watch versus an Apple Watch and decide which is the better purchase.

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The other two tools are Colors and The Look, which will let you explore various color options for your devices and see how a device will look when you wear them, respectively.

Retail Mode is available on the Galaxy S21 series and can provide images of Galaxy Watch4, Buds Pro, Buds2, and Buds Live.

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