Samsung Announces New Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor

An unparalleled display that takes gaming to the next level

Samsung on Tuesday announced its new curved gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G9.

A follow-up to last year’s Odyssey G9 monitor, the new model shares a lot of similarities with the older model, but has a Quantum Matrix panel supported by a mini LED display and Quantum HDR support for peak brightness.

A rear view of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 sitting on a desk.


The Neo G9 comes with a 5,120 x 1,440 resolution (which the company calls “Dual Quad High Definition”) and a 240Hz refresh rate.  All this equates to four times as many frames displayed on the screen per second. Plus, there are two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 connections, and a Display Port installed.

The monitor has a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. To put that into perspective, top-of-the-line HDR TVs typically peak at 1,000 nits. The Quantum Matrix panel is filled with Mini-LEDs to control brightness and contrast for ultra high definition. It also comes with a 12-bit black level which widens the contrast range to further enhance details, even in moments with little lighting.

The most notable design aspect is the monitor’s 49-inch 1000R curvature which may seem strange at first, but has several benefits. Curved monitors are actually easier on your eyes as it allows them to take a lot of information at once without the strain associated with flat screen displays. The curvature also offers a wider field of view and eliminates distortion.

The Neo G9 provides Adaptive Sync on its DisplayPort and HDMI refresh rate for top notch graphical quality. It’s also compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to deliver seamless action for players.  

This high tech display will cost $2,499 and will be available for pre-order starting July 29. The monitor will be available globally on August 9.

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