Samsung Announces New Eco-Friendly Wristband Collection

In partnership with fashion company Sami Miro Vintage

Samsung has unveiled a new limited-edition wristband collection made from sustainably sourced materials for the Galaxy Watch4.

In a post on its Newsroom blog, the company says it's working closely with fashion company Sami Miro Vintage to produce six watchbands made from eco-friendly materials like Apple Peel leather.

Sami Miro Vintage Wristbands

Samsung/Sami Miro Vintage

The six watchbands are Stratus Sky, Midnight Black, Aurora Night, Cloud Navy, Earth Sunrise, and Dawn Atlas.

Stratus Sky and Midnight Black are made from the aforementioned Apple Peel leather, with material sourced from waste made by the fruit industry. The other four are made of an eco-friendly and non-toxic TPU material, which is a type of flexible plastic.

Samsung mentions the products don’t leave any DMF residue, a chemical that can be harmful to the skin. The wristbands are also non-plasticized and can be recycled.

Watch4 wristbands being used

Samsung/Sami Miro Vintage

These wristbands are a part of a continued effort by Samsung to increase sustainable practices. In 2019, the company announced that it will replace its plastic packaging materials with more environmentally friendly ones, and earlier this year, it reached 100% renewable energy usage in its American, Chinese, and European work sites.

There’s a limited amount of the Sami Miro Vintage wristbands available for purchase on Samsung’s website. The wristbands start at $39.99 and smartwatch users can download three complimentary watch faces from the Google Play store.

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