Samsung Announces New 200 Megapixel Image Sensor

Sensors will be included in future mobile devices

Samsung is introducing the ISOCELL HP1, which the company claims is the first 200 megapixel (MP) image sensor for smartphones and the ISOCELL GN5.

The announcement was made on Samsung’s Newsroom blog where it states photographs will maintain an "ultrahigh resolution" even when cropped or resized thanks to these sensors.

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The ISOCELL HP1 features new ChameleonCell technology, changing the sensor’s pixel layout depending on the environment. The HP1 goes from 200 MP to a 12.5 MP image sensor in a low-light environment by merging the nearby pixels.

This new formation makes the sensor more sensitive to light, producing clear pictures even in a low light environment.

The HP1 can take 8K videos at 30 frames per second without sacrificing much in the field of view.

Similar to the HP1, Samsung claims that the ISOCELL GN5 is the industry’s first image sensor to have Dual Pixel Pro, an all-directional autofocusing technology that can boost a device’s focusing capabilities.

It can do this by placing two photodiodes within each pixel of the sensor to recognize changes better.

Man taking picture in lowlight

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This enables the GN5 to have instantaneous autofocusing for sharper images in either bright or low light environments.

Samsung states samples of the HP1 and GN5 are available, but doesn’t say where. The post also doesn't state which future smartphone will have these sensors, but it’s worth noting that the Exynos 2100 processor can support 200 MP resolutions.

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