Samsung and LG Show Off New Flexible Displays

It moves with the images it shows

Samsung and LG continue to innovate OLEDs, with the former introducing a new stretchable OLED screen and the latter aiming to solve the crease on foldable smartphones.

According to ETNews, the two Korean companies showed off their new tech at the Global Tech Korea 2021 event.

Real Folding Windows

LG Chem

In Samsung's demo, different display sections rose and fell to mimic a lava bubble forming and then dissipating on its own. However, the stretchable screen does make the video lava seem more realistic as it flows.

The earliest concepts were shown back in 2017, albeit with a smaller 9.1-inch display. According to Changhee Lee, the executive vice president of Samsung Display, these displays could only be stretched out by a small amount but have "improved significantly" recently.

The company is well-known for foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, these devices have often been called out for developing a visible crease down the line where it bends. It's unknown how and where Samsung will implement this stretchable display technology, be it in solving the crease on smartphones or on TVs to simulate 3D.

Conversely, fellow tech company LG showed its solution to the crease with the "Real Folding Window" at Global Tech Korea 2021.

Developed by LG Chem, the Real Folding Window is a new cover material that is flexible yet retains a glass-like toughness. LG claims that this material will reduce the folding crease on displays.

LG plans on mass-producing the Real Folding Window in 2022, but won’t start selling them until 2023. The company plans on taking this new screen to laptops and tablets.

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