Samsung Adds SmartThings Energy to Track Your Home's Energy Use

An easy way to go green

Samsung introduced SmartThings Energy on Thursday; it's aimed at reducing your energy bills and increasing a home’s sustainability. 

The new service can be found in the SmartThings app and helps consumers make greener decisions in their homes with a real-time view of energy consumption. You can monitor the energy used in your home, create target settings, and receive notifications from Samsung appliances and HVAC systems. 

Samsung SmartThings Energy


“People are spending more time at home and using their appliances more frequently, driving a need for larger capacity and better energy efficiency,” said Chanwoo Park, vice president and head of the IoT business group at Samsung Electronics, in a written statement. 

“Our consumers want to be part of building a better, more eco-friendly tomorrow, and we are proud to help them achieve that vision by offering a more energy-efficient smart home experience.”

Samsung said you can track the energy uses of your home appliances and compare energy usage between different months. You’ll also receive a notification if something in your home is using too much energy at a given time, so you can turn it off if you’re not using it. 

SmartThings Energy is the latest addition to the SmartThings app, which got a major upgrade in June. The app has a redesigned home screen broken down into five main sections: Favorites, Devices, Life, Automations, and Menu.

"We are proud to help them achieve that vision by offering a more energy-efficient smart home experience."

The SmartThings ecosystem was first introduced in 2014. The smart home system allows you to control compatible devices, including lights, cameras, voice assistants, locks, thermostats, and more.

Samsung recently announced it would integrate its SmartThings system into the Matter protocol created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. The protocol will establish an industry standard for all smart home devices, making them more compatible with each other. Aside from Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Comcast devices are also a part of the Matter protocol.

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