What is the Samsung 360 Camera?

This is not your father's camera. And it's not the Gear 360, either!

The Samsung Round 360 camera is a professional grade 4k, 3D camera designed for shooting virtual reality videos.

The Samsung 360 Round camera is a professional grade, 360 degree camera designed to capture 3D experiences for use in virtual reality.

Samsung Round 360 Camera

The Samsung Round 360 includes 17 cameras and 6 on-board microphones as well as expandable external storage.

Camera: 17 cameras with 1/2.8”, 2M image sensors
Audio: Six internal microphones and 2 external microphone ports
Video: MP4 format, (3D: 4k x 2k per eye, 2D: 4k x 2k)
3D Livestreaming: 4096x2048 at 30fps per eye
2D Livestreaming: 4096x2048 at 30fps
3D Recording: 4096x2048 at 30fps per eye
2D Recording: 4096x2048 at 30fps
Internal Memory: LPDDR3 10GB, eMMC 40GB
External Memory: UHS-II SD Card up to 256GB, SSD up to 2TB

The Professional Grade 360 Camera
The Samsung 360 Round camera is not the same as the Gear 360 camera consumers may be more familiar with. The Round 360 is a professional-grade camera that includes 17 total cameras that allow for 4k video and 6 on-board microphones for surround-sound recording. The 17 cameras are spaced in eight pairs around the outer edge of the disk shaped device, with one additional camera on a vertical axis to allow overhead filming. The microphones are similarly arrayed in the device to allow for spatial audio recording, and there are two additional audio ports to allow the addition of external microphones if needed.

The Round 360 camera is another entrant in the professional 3D camera market that pros and hard core enthusiasts can use to capture high-end video for creating virtual reality experiences. The 360 camera competes against GoPro and Yi Technology 3D camera models, but the functionality and size of the 360 makes it a tough contender. At about the size of a Roomba vacuum, this 360 Round is one of the smallest 3D cameras on the market. One noticeable difference is the Samsung Round camera is a small enough form factor that it doesn’t require internal fans which contributes to the smaller size and reduces background noise and energy usage. This means users can shoot longer, and there’s no excess noise that can degrade the quality of the VR experience.

Samsung also says the camera is durable and  dust and water resistant, so users can capture video in the field, even in less-than-perfect conditions. An internal gyroscope and accelerometer also help to ensure high-quality video when environmental conditions aren’t perfect. At publication time, the camera sold for over $10,000.

Livestreaming Virtual Reality Experiences

The Samsung Round 360 camera lets professionals and enthusiasts livestream virtual reality video.

To create 3D images with depth, the 360 Round camera captures video at 30fps (frames per second) which can then be stitched together for a seamless experience using the PC software that comes with the camera. Some VR purist consider the baseline frame measurement to be 60fps, but at 30fps, users can not only capture 3D video and create VR experiences, but the camera also has livestreaming capabilities with no latency, so users can capture and create in-the-moment 4k, 3D video and spatial audio. Expandable memory capabilities increase the amount of footage that can be captures, and since the external memory uses SD cards, they’re easy to switch out when one gets full.