Sample Warranty Letter for Cameras

File complaints in a formal warranty claim letter

A broken camera lens

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A broken new camera is a sickening feeling. Nobody wants to try to convince a large camera manufacturer they did nothing wrong while using their camera. A sample warranty letter for a defective camera can help move the process along.

Feel free to copy and use this sample letter when filing a formal complaint with a camera manufacturer during a dispute over honoring a warranty.

Before You File Your Claim

Before sending a warranty claim letter to the manufacturer, it's best to contact the company by telephone or email to determine where to send it and what recourse you have in this matter. Some camera makers have specific rules you must follow to submit a warranty claim, so it's best to do things correctly from the start of the process. Hopefully, this speeds up the successful resolution of your warranty claim.

You can usually find warranty and contact information on a manufacturer's official website.

There are also some things you can do when purchasing your camera that can help if you need to file a warranty claim. For example, make sure to keep your receipt for the camera and remember where you stashed it. Write down the retailer where you bought the camera, as well as the date of purchase. Make note of the camera's serial number and model number. Having this information all in one location can speed the process of submitting a warranty claim.

Compose Your Letter

To compose the letter, just fill in your personal information in the bolded bracketed areas.

[Your Contact Information]

[Company's Contact Information] (If you can address the complaint letter to a specific person, you'll have a better chance of having your dispute resolved.)

[Date of Letter]

Dear [Contact Person]:

I purchased a [Model Number and Brand Name] camera at [Name of Store] on [Date of Purchase and Other Pertinent Purchase Information].

Unfortunately, this camera model has not performed as expected, and I believe the defective camera should be replaced under terms of the warranty. The problems with camera include [List of Defects].

To resolve this problem satisfactorily, I would appreciate [a Replacement Camera, a Refund, a Repair, Credit Toward Another Model, or Another Specific Action]. I have included copies of all pertinent documents regarding my purchase of this model, as well as a list of calls and correspondence from my previous attempts to have this matter resolved.

I am looking forward to your reply on this matter. I will wait until [Specific Date] for a reply before seeking assistance in resolving this dispute from a third party. Please contact me using the information above.


[Your Name]

Persistence Pays Off

Unfortunately, it can take quite a few efforts at contacting the company before you receive any results. If you don't receive a response using one form of communication, try email, phone calls, web chat sessions, and social media.

Keep copies of any correspondence you send to the manufacturer. You can take screenshots of chat sessions or social media contacts. Also, make a copy of any receipts you send to the camera maker. Don't send the original copies, as you might not get them back.

Keep track of your communications efforts. Having a detailed, written list of the times you've reached out to the manufacturer, as well as anyone you've spoken with and any answers you received, can help you get the results you want in the end.

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