Salesforce Announces 20 New Enterprise Apps For Apple Watch

Enterprise apps can be used in a number of different businesses

Emily Price

Wearables are making a huge impact in not only the consumer world but with enterprise customers as well. A recent Salesforce study found that 79% of wearables users think that wearables such as smartwatches and smart glasses will be strategic to their company’s future business success, 76% say they’ve already seen improvement in their business performance since adopting wearable technology. 

With that in mind, today Salesforce is unveiling 20 new apps for the Apple Watch.

The apps are all built by Salesforce partners on the Salesforce1 platform with Salesforce Wear, the company’s platform for easily creating apps for not only the Apple Watch but Android Wear and smart glasses as well.

“Apps were instrumental in the proliferation of the iPhone and its ubiquitous usage. And, now industries are being transformed based on the model,” says Lindsey Irvine, Head of salesforce Wear. “As Salesforce, we’ve invited our ecosystem to help usher in the next wave of mobile innovation, and our partners have answered.”

The new apps span across a number of different business needs ranging from Sales, Service, Productivity, and Back-Office needs. The app ContactWorld, for instance, works as a super caller ID on the watch, providing not only information about who an incoming caller is, but also that person’s status as a customer with the company, their buying history, and any particular opportunities that you want to make sure to chat with the customer about if you do pick up.

The idea behind the app is that you can see quickly whether someone’s call requires your immediate attention, and if so, you’re prepared for that call right on your wrist.

Another app, Field Expert, is designed for people like telecom and cable installers who work on the go. The app can give those workers instant access to their schedules and can allow them to do things like let a customer know they’re on their way to complete an install, eliminating the “installer might arrive between 8am-6pm” problem many of us face when dealing with people like cable installers.

An app by Vlocity will allow sales associates to do things like start a new order or send a bill from the Watch,  eliminating the need for employees to pull out their phone for short tasks that only take the press of a button.

Other companies releasing apps for the Apple Watch using Salesforce’s platform include Alpine Metrics, Apttus, BetterWorks, Bracket Labs, BrainHearts, ClickSoftware, Fairsail,, Footprints, HeyWire, InsideSales, NewVoiceMedia, Point of Reference, Proximity Insight, Remedyforce, Sage, ServiceMax, Skedulo, and TeamSpirit.

The idea behind most of the apps is not to replace your phone or computer, but instead off a hands-free solution for some small tasks during your day that doesn't technically require the use of the larger screen. Once the next version Watch OS is released, which offers access to more of the Apple Watch's features, we'll likely see even more functionality come to some of these apps.

You can read more about the Salesforce1 platform and the company's work with the Apple Watch on Salesforce's website.