Saikat Basu

Saikat Basu



University of Pune (India)



Phones (Android, iPhone and iOS)

Microsoft Office

Internet and Networking

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Software and Apps

Smart Home

Computer Hardware

Social Media


  • Freelance writer and editor for 12+ years
  • Senior Editor at; Contributing writer at and
  • Former marketing professional


Saikat spent a decade in marketing. It was a nomadic existence which he swapped for a life of churning out words on the screen. In between, he worked for a startup designing websites for India’s state-owned telecommunications company.

Brief forays into working on networking and SAP ERP convinced him of his love for all things digital. Technology blogging was on the upswing in 2008 when he started his second career. He transitioned from a staff author to an editorial role at which continues to this day. He has also written for and

Saikat is a firm believer in lifelong learning and has studied, tested, and written about everything from smart home devices and apps to digital productivity and digital design (web development and graphic design).

A decade in tech writing and editing technical tutorials has given him the insight that both technology and its instruction can be simpler. To that end, Saikat enjoys seeking out and sharing the best hacks, mods and DIY (do it yourself) digital projects he can find with friends and readers.

Fun fact: Saikat enjoys photography in his spare time.

My Gear

My main workhorse is a Dell XPS 13. Sometimes, I fall back on a trusty MacBook Air while traveling. The iPhone has been a constant companion for the last few years, and it also helps me take my love for street photography in my pocket. A Canon DSLR suffices for those times when I need a more powerful prime or a zoom lens. For my downtime, I rely on a Kindle Paperwhite, an Amazon Echo Dot, and the tiny Amazon Fire Stick to keep me entertained.


Saikat holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Botany and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

A Message from Saikat Basu

I love writing about digital tools as the feedback is almost immediate. A friendly comment or a critical opinion tell me instantly if I have succeeded or failed.

Even after writing close to 2000 articles, I still feel the rush when I discover a tiny tip that makes working with software easier. That is what I want to continue to dig up and pass on to our readers.

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