How to Safely Take Nude and Sexy Photos on Your iPhone or iPad

Be Safe Taking 'Fun' or 'Sexy' Photos on Your iOS Device

Getty Images / Yuri Arcurs

After the celebrity photo scandal, you may wonder if iCloud is a safe place to store your sexy photos. Or perhaps you are interested in taking "fun" photos or videos with your iPhone or iPad, but you want to make sure you are doing so in a very safe way. Don't worry. It's important to keep photo safety among your concerns, but it is not difficult to make sure you are keeping those photos perfectly safe.

First, you want to turn on Airplane mode. This will shut down all communication to and from the device, making it virtually unhackable and keeping any photos from being uploaded to iCloud via My Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library. The trick here is to stop the photo from being uploaded to the Internet before it is uploaded rather than deleting after it is uploaded.   You can turn on Airplane Mode in the control panel accessed by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen.  You can also get at Airplane mode in the iPhone or iPad's Settings app.  

Next, take your photos or video. So long as Airplane mode is on, they aren't going anywhere besides your device.

After your photo session, you may want to transfer photos before you turn Airplane mode back on.   You can transfer the photos using iTunes by using the cable that came with your iPad to connect it to your PC and syncing your iPad's photos, or you can copy them directly to your PC.

Remember: Even Deleted Photos Stay on Your Device! 

The Photos app has a "Recently Deleted photos folder, which keeps photos around for 30 days after they are deleted.  So if you are planning on deleting the photos before you turn Airplane Mode back on, you will want to delete them from both the Camera Roll and the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app.    If they are still stored in Photos when you turn Airplane Mode back on, they will be transferred to iCloud's Photo Stream or Photo Library services if you have those features turned on. How to Delete a Photo From Your iPad.