Safari Will Now Encrypt Your iCloud Bookmarks

Supposedly not even Apple itself will be able to access the information

End-to-end encryption has been confirmed for Safari, which now protects your iCloud internet bookmark data.

Apple's iCloud Security Overview has received some new entries recently, including information related to Safari's web browser. According to the web page, the end-to-end encryption now covers your bookmarks, in addition to your history and tabs, as a way to protect both your security and your privacy.

Safari customizable start page


As pointed out by SoleSolace on Reddit, it seems to coincide with iOS 15's release, but doesn't specify any particular iOS version, thus raising questions as to whether or not it will affect bookmark syncing across systems.

This means that all of your important bookmarks for personal and private web use—like banks, email, etc—is protected in iCloud. You won't have to worry about account login details or anything like that being viewed or stolen. The only way someone could gain access would be to know your Apple ID or access your device directly, which would require a passcode or Face/TouchID. However, this only protects your information in iCloud—if a website or service, itself, is compromised, your information could still be at risk.

Safari browser using iCloud Keychain


According to Apple, iCloud end-to-end encryption is handled via iCloud, itself, so even if the data is stored on a third-party app (e.g. Amazon or Google services) it's still secure. It goes on to state that Apple itself also won't be able to access the information.

End-to-end iCloud encryption for Safari bookmarks is available now and should work independently when you use the browser.

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