Safari for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is a reliable, easy-to-use browser. Learn how to make the most of it and what to do when something goes wrong.
Firefox and Safari browsers on OS X
How to Install, Manage, and Delete Safari Extensions
A woman sitting at a desk using a MacBook laptop.
The 15 Best Safari Extensions of 2022
iPhone Safari bookmarks
How to Add, Edit, and Delete Bookmarks in iPhone's Safari
A green ribbon bookmark in a stack of books
Add Bookmarks in Safari for iPhone and iPod Touch
Apple Safari browser logos
Restore Safari's Default Settings to Get a Fresh Start on your Browsing
Apple Safari browser logos
A Beginner's Guide to Safari on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Save to Board Close-up of businesswoman using tablet, at office
How to Stop Annoying Pop-ups in Safari
Safari icon on laptop screen
What to Do When Your Safari Bookmarks Disappear
iPhone user holding iPhone over face.
How to Clear Search History on iPhone
A person working on computer
Manage Your Browser History in Safari for Mac and iOS
cartoon police officer blocking ads
Hate Ads? Block Them in Safari on the iPhone
Book with a lot of different colored bookmarks
Safari Bookmarks Out of Control? Try This Easy Fix
Illustration of bookmarks between two Safari logos on monitors
How to Move Your Safari Bookmarks to Another Mac
Smiling person with beard reading a text message.
How to Manage History and Browsing Data on iPhone
Two checkboxes with one that says Private checked
How to Open an Incognito Window in Safari for iOS
Making WWW
Want to Change the Safari Homepage? Here's the Easiest Way to Do It
Safari Debug menu
Safari Is Hiding Its Debug Menu - Here's How to Access It
Cropped hands of woman using laptop over colored background
Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari on macOS
Running Safari web browser on an iPad
How to Manage Plug-Ins in the Safari Web Browser
A MacBook Air showing the Safari plug-ins screen
Take a Web Page to Go as a PDF
Safari logo on iPhone
Create Home Screen Icons in Safari for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
iPhone scanning a credit card in iOS 8
How to Scan Credit Card Numbers in Safari for iPhone
Blogger using an iPad in a kitchen while cooking
Find That Website Fast From Your iPad's Home Screen
Running Safari web browser on an iPad
Don't Let Safari's Stored Cookies Slow You Down
Rocket graphic coming out of laptop
Is DNS Prefetching Slowing Down Your Safari Browser?
Safari Menu Bar
How to View a Website's HTML Source in Safari
Bookmarks Option Displayed on Computer Monitor
Can't Add Bookmarks in Safari on iPad? Get It Fixed
Safari Tab Preferences screenshot
Use Your Keyboard to Control Safari Windows and Tabs
Javascript code over a black background
How to Disable JavaScript in the Safari Web Browser
Safari Sidebar With Twitter screenshot
Add Your Twitter Account to the Safari Sidebar
Illustration of Safari on iPhone with a person holding a magnifying glass to the iPhone
Use This Hidden Tool to Find Web Page Text on iPhone
Illustration of a person using an iMac with the Safari version number onscreen
How Do You Check the Version Number of Apple Safari Browser?
A MacBook Air showing the Safari plug-ins screen
Find Out Which Plug-Ins Are Installed in Your Safari Browser
Safari toolbar customization options.
An Easy Guide To Customizing Your Mac Or iPad Safari Toolbars
Safari Email web page
How to Send a Web Page via Apple Mail
iPhone X with Safari browser
How to Use Safari Extensions on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Neon signs through a magnifying glass
How to Modify Text Size in the Safari Browser on a Mac
Mac keyboard with iMac
Secret Keyboard Shortcuts to Access Safari Tabs and Favorites
Overhead view of a man using a laptop
How to Save Web Pages in Safari for OS X
Hand on mouse; wood desk, stone wall, trees outside window
How to Install Extensions in Safari for Windows
Colorful browser tabs
Manage Tabbed Browsing in Safari for Mac
Javascript settings on iPhone
Disable JavaScript in Safari for iPhone and iPod touch
Steve Jobs with Safari logos
8 Essential Safari Features You Need to Know About
MacBook Pro
How to Tweak Safari for Better Performance
Safari's Top Sites
How to Organize Your Top Sites in Safari
Apple Safari browser logos
Site Pinning In Safari Offers a New Way to Quickly Access Web Sites
Mobile apps developers at the office using Safari's Responsive Design Mode
How to Activate and Use Responsive Design Mode in Safari

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