Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse

This mouse focuses on heavy DPI accuracy and a smooth design

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Sabrent Mini Travel USB Optical Mouse

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse

Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

What We Like
  • Small design

  • Simple buttons

  • Ambidextrous capabilities

  • Ergonomic

  • Inexpensive

What We Don't Like
  • Size can be detrimental at times

  • Cable only

One of the most affordable mice on the market, the Sabrant Mini travel mouse is a solid choice for any person who needs a simple mouse on the go.  Some people might be deterred by the cord, though.


Sabrent Mini Travel USB Optical Mouse

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse

Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

We purchased the Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Working on the go can prove difficult on a laptop, especially when you need to work on heavy-hitting projects requiring precision. Travel mice, or portable computer mice that can be packed and unpacked on the go, can alleviate much of the proverbial headache of working on PC-heavy tasks. For those who prefer their mouse have a cable, the Sabrent fits the bill. Using high definition precision technology, the tiny, three-year-old mouse is designed for those who want convenience and extreme precision in their work. 

Design: Basic

The Sabrent was not designed for heavy gaming in mind; its design is so tiny at 3.2 x 1.5 inches (LW) that it fits into the cup of your palm with some room to spare. Unlike gaming mice, which can be complex, with a plethora of buttons/features, the all-black, 1.5-ounce mouse only has three buttons: the left (main) button, the wheel, and the right button. While this might turn off many users, in reality, it turns out to be of huge benefit. Thanks to its simplicity, ambidextrous users will appreciate its ability to swap between dominant hands. 

Thanks to its simplicity, ambidextrous users will appreciate its ability to swap between dominant hands.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a wired, ergonomic mouse that relies on a USB port connection. So while it doesn’t require any batteries, it can be problematic if you need more than 25 inches the cable provides. The cable itself expands with a gentle pull of the cable from its own mini-port, and is easily retractable with a tug on each side of the cable. Just be careful when retracting it, as it is similar to a window shade in that it retracts with near-violent gusto. 

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse
Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

The cable’s addition increases the size of the mouse, bringing the total measurements to 6.44 x 1.5x 2.44 inches (LWH). The Sabrent also comes with a mesh carrying bag, making it easy to pack up and take on the go without scratching it. One more perk: this mouse is adaptable to most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, so you can insert it into USB ports across multiple machines for fast use.

Setup Process: Plug and play

Setting up the Sabrent proved simple and convenient. Expanding the cable and plugging it into the PC’s USB port allows the Sabrent to self-install. In under less than a minute, the plug and play features kick in. If you need to alter it to suit ambidextrous needs, you’ll need to head into the control panel of your PC to make the swap. Those requiring left-handed features will need to alter it. Once the software quickly installs, and you’re able to begin scrolling in no time.

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse
Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

Performance: Precise, but mildly problematic

The Sabrent boasts that it’s a high precision mini mouse, and in that regard, we have to agree. While 1200 dpi is minimal in comparison to some of the other heavy-hitting mice on the market, this mouse wasn’t designed to be used as a gaming mouse—it was designed in mind that you could take it and pack it on the go and get the job done. 

After using it for over 25 hours, the precision blew us away; even the smallest twitch of the mouse registered movement on the PC and laptop we tested it across. Not once did we have to reclick on an item because the Sabrent failed to register the movement, proving that the cable was of speedy and accurate benefit to the mouse. The speed of the mouse highlighted its precision, darting across the monitor screens as we shifted the mouse instantaneously.

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse
 Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

The buttons responded quickly and with ease as well. While the main and right buttons do click with some noise, the constant clacking won’t get on any nerves. The scroller isn’t loud, but it took us a couple rolls of the wheel before it shifted around without any resistance. This ultimately wasn’t a big deal, but it might need a little breaking in, so don’t give up on it straight away.

We used the mouse for up to eight hours at a time in testing, and our muscles didn’t tire out and hands didn’t cramp, which was a testament to the ergonomic design.

The cable length left something to be desired in a work PC, however. At 25 inches, it sounds like a dream come true, however, testing it on a standing desk where the PC tower is located further away from the keyboard and mouse we realized there was a problem. The length cable prevented us from shifting our grip on the mouse, and the tugging was a frustrating physical constraint. Laptop users won’t even notice the cable, but PC users may want to look for something a little more wireless.

Comfort: Too small

Because the mouse is so tiny, and barely fit into the palm of our hand, we constantly had to adjust our fingers to compensate for its size. Granted, we used the mouse for up to eight hours at a time in testing, and our muscles didn’t tire out and hands didn’t cramp, which was a testament to the ergonomic design. However, constantly having to shift our grip to press buttons and scroll was mildly annoying, especially when we were deeply engaged in work.

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse
 Lifewire / Rebecca Isaacs

Price: Reasonable

At around $7, this is a great budget mouse. Essentially, the cost is for basic mouse features, and not for anything heavier or more taxing on a PC. If you’re looking for a travel mouse with more features, then expect to spend more. However, if accomplishing work tasks is solely your task then this is the perfect price point.

Sabrent Mini Travel Mouse vs. VicTsing Wireless Mouse 

Because the mouse is so tiny, we also tested the VicTsing Wireless Mouse (view on Amazon) to get a feel as to which mouse is the better option for a portable, travel mouse. The answer turned out to be more complicated: whereas the Sabrent was more ideal for ambidextrous travel, the VicTsing Wireless Mouse was geared more for right-handed users who prefer adjustable and wireless features. 

Both of the mice are cost-effective, with the Sabrent running around $7, and the VicTsing setting a user back around $12. The Sabrent’s size makes the ergonomic-friendly VicTsing look like a giant, despite it only being around 1.5 inches longer and 0.5 inches wider. What’s strange, though, is that ultimately, we felt that a larger mouse didn’t help our hands in this case. The VitTsing’s buttons gave us some resistance, and we felt it was easier to click links and work with Photoshop with the Sabrent. While the VicTsing comes with a DPI that can be adjusted with a button located on its top, the Sabrent leaps out of the box with a fast, reliable DPI. If you’re looking for a more comfortable grip, the VicTsing will probably be a more ideal choice. However, if size and a quick DPI is necessary, then the Sabrent is a solid choice.

Final Verdict

A solid, cost-conscious travel mouse. 

While we constantly had to shift our grip on the tiny Sabrent mouse, we really liked its portability and fast, accurate movements. The cable proved to be difficult for desktop use, however, laptop users will enjoy the speeds that accompany the wired cable.


  • Product Name Mini Travel USB Optical Mouse
  • Product Brand Sabrent
  • Price $7.00
  • Release Date November 2016
  • Product Dimensions 6.44 x 1.5 x 2.44 in.
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Compatibility Windows 2000 and up, Mac OS X and up, Linux systems
  • Connectivity options USB Port, NOT Bluetooth Enabled
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