Bargain for Deals in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball

rustys real deal baseball
Go get him.


Rusty's Real Deal Baseball by Nintendo is a collection of baseball-related mini-games for the Nintendo 3DS. It's free to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and once you begin playing, you're allowed to sample a demo of one of the mini-games (an additional demo unlocks later on, too). From there, you pay for each mini-game à la carte.

You buy mini-games in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball by talking with Rusty, a former baseball pro that runs a failing sporting goods store. Rusty's initial asking price for each title is $4.00 - but that's a little much. You're supposed to haggle with Rusty to bring his game prices down as much as possible. Here's how to bargain for the lowest possible score on each mini-game.


There is never a reason to pay full price - All the mini-games in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball are pretty fun, but why pay full price if you don't have to (Hint: You don't have to). There is always a way to go lower, so don't bother paying the full $4.00 unless you're in a rush for some reason, or unless you just feel that bad for Rusty (more on that in a bit).

If a game says "Discount Available," get ready to haggle - If a game in Rusty's repertoire has a starburst marker that says "Discount Available," it means you can haggle to drop the price. By contrast, games that say "Use Discount Tickets" can't be haggled over.

You can't haggle for games that are supposed to be bought with discount tickets - The only way to drop the price on games marked with "Use Discount Tickets" is to - you guessed it - use discount tickets. You can score discount tickets by playing mini-games and filling out your stamp book.

Haggling for games progresses the story, which lets you haggle for more games - The story for Rusty's Real Deal Baseball moves along every time you purchase a game. When you knock down the price for one game, you get the opportunity to haggle for the next.

Stock up on doughnuts - When you play mini-games, you fill out a stamp book. When you hit certain markers, you gain items - including the occasional doughnut. These doughnuts are vital for haggling with Rusty, so play, play, play and stock up on as many as possible.

Watch what you say - There is a certain script that needs to be followed if you want Rusty's lowest prices. Each script changes from story scenario to story scenario. If you say the wrong thing while trying to flatter Rusty, he'll get sad and stop haggling. Feed him another doughnut and try again.

Present items at appropriate times - Story-related items are also vital for getting Rusty's best prices. These are earned by playing your purchased mini-games. Present items at the proper time for maximum effect. For instance, a pompadour wig will help convince Rusty he's young enough to fit in with a cooking class, and nose-hair trimmers will clear his stuffed nose (blech).

Listen to Rusty's kid. He'll tell you when you've hit rock bottom - When a game's price hits its lowest point, the kid that Rusty "loans" to you at the start of the game will let you know his dad's gone as far as he'll go. Don't worry about overshooting your mark and blowing the whole deal.

You can use up to three discount tickets at once - Games that ask you to "Use Discount Tickets" can be bought using three discount tickets at once. You get quite a few discount tickets while playing mini-games, so go to town.

Remember: Rusty's not real - It sounds silly, but Rusty lays the self-pity on so thick, you may feel compelled to give him a break. Nintendo knows how to squeeze hearts. Regardless, don't cave. And don't worry, either. Rusty will be okay, no matter what.