Runmeter GPS iPhone App Review

Runmeter offers gorgeous interface and extensive customization

Preparing for her run
Martin Prescott/Getty Images

Runmeter GPS is an advanced iPhone running app that tracks your pace and distance. It has a host of extra features, including social media integration, customizable voice prompts and an automatic email program that sends alerts to your friends or family when you're done running. The Runmeter GPS app topped the list of Best Running Apps for the iPhone.

The Good

  • Advanced reporting features 
  • No website login required
  • Customizable voice alerts
  • Gorgeous interface
  • IPhone app includes Apple Watch app

The Bad

  • Many features require the affordable elite subscription
  • Running the GPS app in the background continuously impacts battery life

The Cost

  • Free with in-app purchases available.

Easy-to-Read Interface (Even While You Run)

The gorgeous Runmeter GPS interface is widely considered to be the best on any running app. All the data is displayed in the same large numbers, so you can see everything at a quick glance—even when your iPhone is strapped to your arm. The app acquires a GPS signal quickly and displays the status of the signal.

The Runmeter GPS app has a host of neat features. The app has more than 120 configurable announcements relating to speed, time, elevation, distance and heart rate. These can be customized in a number of ways. You can select which data you want to hear and how often you want to hear it. You can also listen to comments from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMile.

Another neat feature—each workout is ranked. While this may annoy some runners, I find it motivating to try to get above a median ranking. The app also includes social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, MyFitnessPal and DailyMile. Runmeter's email program automatically emails your chosen recipient when you complete your run. 


The app supports running, walking, skating, cycling, skiing,  and other activities. The app records bike speed, bike cadence and bike power with the use of sensors. It records your steps all day and automatically records the weather during your workout. Stopped time is excluded automatically. 

Runmeter GPS offers 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon running plans. You can also design your own training plan and synchronize the plan with your iPhone calendar, which you can then share with your workout friends. 

Plenty of Reporting Features

Runmeter has more extensive reporting than other running apps. While RunKeeper Pro and Map My Run+ give you access to a free website for workout analysis, Runmeter does a lot of that within the app. You can view your runs on a calendar, list or graph. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual totals are also available. The app posts to the iOS Health app.

The Bottom Line

Runmeter is truly a fantastic app. There are so many extra features packed into this little app that the developers must have been runners.  

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.0 or later to use the Runmeter GPS app. The iPod touch is not supported because it lacks GPS capabilities. The iPhone app includes an Apple Watch app.