The RunKeeper App for Android

How it stacks up against other Android fitness apps

The Runkeeper app for Android is an app for runners, walkers, and hikers. Like the other top running-based Android apps, RunKeeper uses the GPS features built into Android smartphones. It includes route tracking, a history feature, and personalization features. This app is impressive, but how does it stand up when compared to other Android fitness apps?

A Detailed Summary of Your Workout

Runkeeper shows your route on a detailed map along with statistics on your pace, average and top speeds, distance, and time. A great feature Runkeeper includes is the ability to view your route map while engaged in your workout. This feature can be a lifesaver for hikers who venture off the beaten path or anyone who is lost.

Runkeeper run

Like all apps that use the built-in GPS feature on Android phones, you need a clear view of the sky for the tracking to work. So while Runkeeper can function as a stand-alone GPS tracking device, don't expect it to work when hiking in the deep woods.

Settings and Personalization in Runkeeper 

Running-based apps like Runkeeper, Cardio Trainer, and RunTastic allow varying levels of personalization. With Runkeeper, you can record your workout by either distance or time. You also choose whether to use miles or kilometers. Unlike Cardio Trainer, however, Runkeeper doesn't include a summary of the total calories burned. And, unlike RunTastic, it doesn't display details on the altitude covered.

Runkeeper goals and challenge

Runkeeper can share your workouts with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are part of a fitness group that uses social networking to share workouts or to compete against other members, Runkeeper provides effortless uploading and will post your route on Facebook if you choose.

If you don't use social networking, these features and personalization settings of Runkeeper can be ignored or turned off. 

Mapping and History

Before the popularity of mobile devices, runners who wanted to keep track of their workouts relied on pen and paper or a desktop computer. With apps like Runkeeper, you see an easy-to-view map of your route with the ability to save each workout to the Log section.

Runkeeper logging and tracking

After you complete a workout within the app, you're prompted to save the workout. To find all your saved workouts, go to the main menu and look in the Me section. There, you can review the details of your workout and compare workouts against each other.

Summary of the Runkeeper Android App

Runkeeper has impressive mapping features and social networking capabilities. Runkeeper is useful, easy to use, and feature-rich. This makes it one of the top running apps for Android. It is not, however, so feature-rich that it does the running for you.

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