Adding Chat Rooms to Facebook Pages with RumbleTalk

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Add a Chat to Your Facebook Page

RumbleTalk Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

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Facebook Pages and their owners consistently seek to find new ways to market their interests or organizations and keep visitors engages. As found on websites, chat rooms make a great addition to social media pages and can go a long way to encouraging repeat visitors.

Fortunately, RumbleTalk chat room service takes the guesswork out of creating your own chat rooms for Facebook Pages and can have your site outfitted and functional within less than a minute.

Getting Started with RumbleTalk on Facebook

To get started with adding your own chat room to your Facebook Pages, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Visit the RumbleTalk page on Facebook.
  3. Click the blue "Add It Now" button to continue installing your chat room.

How Many People Can Use My Chat Room?

RumbleTalk's free service will allow you to host up to 25 people in your chat room at one time. If you would like to expand the number of users you can have in your chat, premium RumbleTalk accounts are available.

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Select Your Facebook Page

RumbleTalk Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

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Next, select the Facebook Page you wish to install and embed a new RumbleTalk chat room to, as illustrated above. Click the drop-down menu and select the Facebook Page from a list of available pages.

Once you have selected the page to embed the chat to, click the blue "Add Page Tab" button to continue.

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Chat Room Installation Complete

RumbleTalk Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

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Next, open your Facebook Page. In the page tabs, you should notice a green word balloon icon with a emoticon face, as illustrated above. This is the RumbleTalk chat room tab on your Facebook Page. Click the tab to access your new chat room now.

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How to Use Your RumbleTalk Chat Room for Facebook Pages

RumbleTalk Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

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Your new Facebook Pages chat room will appear as illustrated above. This is the default skin, which can be changed using your RumbleTalk settings by clicking the "Settings" tab.

How to Sign In to Your Chat Room

When you first load your Facebook Pages chat room, you will find a prompt to sign in using either your Facebook account (easiest), a guest account (particularly useful for people without Facebook accounts who still want to engage with your page and its readers), or a RumbleTalk account.

You can choose which accounts are required to chat, in addition to who can view messages in your settings panel.

Using Your New Facebook Chat Room

You will notice a buddy list which will appear on the left side of the screen. Here is where every user is listed who signs in to chat. To the right of the buddy list is your messages field. In this area, every chat message sent will appear in this box. Finally, the black rectangle at the bottom of the screen is your text field, where you can enter your messages upon signing in to the service.

RumbleTalk Facebook Chat Room Controls

Once signed in, you will find a field of black control buttons located to the left of the text field. These buttons include:

  • Auto-Scroll: The button which appears as a play sign will automatically scroll the screen messages up so you can read the newest messages which appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pause: This button will pause auto-scroll if you must leave the room or your computer.
  • Clear: The third button, which has an arrow with an "X" icon, will clear the message field, removing all past conversations.
  • Pop-Out Chat: The fourth button, which appears as a screen, will open chat in its own browser window.
  • Sound FX: The fifth button, which appears as a microphone icon, enables or disables room sound effects. This is especially important for users who chat in a work environment.
  • Log Out: The last button will sign you out of your Facebook chat room when you are done.
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Personalizing Your RumbleTalk Chat Room on Facebook

RumbleTalk Chat Rooms for Facebook Pages

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While the default RumbleTalk chat room is nice, you may want to personalize the chat for your Facebook Pages. By clicking the RumbleTalk settings tab at the top of your chat room, you are able to personalize the service for your visitors to your liking.

From this tab, you are able to modify or change:

  • Chat room name
  • Chat language
  • Filter words
  • How people login and interact with your chat
  • Fans-only chat access
  • Link, image and video embedding
  • Emoticon support
  • Chat room skins
  • RumbleTalk advanced skin design
  • and more