Rukkus Introduces Seat360; an Experience in Virtual Reality

Rukkus Seat360
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Just a few weeks ago, we had covered some of the most important gadgets and introductions which featured at the recently held MWC 2016; also predicting that Virtual Reality (VR) would soon be the toast of the season. Several companies are starting to realize the benefits of using this technology, in order to offer a better experience to their customers. The latest to join the bandwagon is Rukkus, a fast-growing digital ticketing marketplace.

The company has now introduced Seat360, a new functionality within its app, which enables users to book and purchase seats using virtual reality.

What is Seat360?

The dynamic new feature, Seat360, basically offers gyroscope-based panoramic 360-degree seat views – this enables customers to get the exact idea of their seat location, before making a final purchase. While a general standard view lets users know an approximate location where they may be seated during a game or concert, an interactive VR experience lets users actually “try out” their seating arrangement, virtually, before actually going ahead to purchase the same.

Manick Bhan, CEO/CTO of Rukkus says, “This immersive, virtual reality functionality is the single biggest innovation in the ticket buying space since the first seat map was introduced. Standard seat view photos or renderings are a step in the right direction, but still leave much to the imagination.

An interactive panorama tells the whole story and Seat360 utilizes virtual reality in a practical way, giving customers the opportunity to experience their seat before they buy.” Showing rapid growth in sales, Rukkus has come a long way since its launch in February 2014. With the latest functionality, the company expects to cross the $100 million mark by this year end.

This engaging app additionally includes the following:

  • Users’ ticket details will be stored within the app. Hence, they would not need to present physical tickets to gain entry at sporting and other events.
  • Users can share and send tickets to their friends, from within the app.
  • A 2-click purchase and checkout process helps speed up the process, also keeping it secure.
  • The app is compatible with iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, iPads and offers integration with Google Cardboard as well.
  • The app is intelligent and understands users' search patterns, in order to provide smarter results at a later time.

The upgrade for the Rukkus app, including the Seat360 functionality, is now available at famed arenas such as Yankee Stadium, AT&T Park and Hollywood Bowl, plus at all major NBA and NHL stadiums as well. The company will be rolling out the new functionality to all major sports, music and theater venues in the near future.

The Seat360 functionality is now available on the latest version of the Rukkus iOS app. Panoramic seat views can be accessed on all major platforms, including Android and desktop PCs. Head over to the Rukkus Website for more details and to take a look at a demo hands-on video as well.