Ruben Circelli

Ruben Circelli


Arlington, MA


University of Massachusetts, Boston


Consumer Technology


iOS Devices

Computers & Laptops

Audio, including headphones, earbuds, speakers

Software and Apps

Smart Home

Social Media


  • Writer and Editor of Articles and Scripts for Audiences in Millions
  • Business Development Experience as Video Game Analyst at Tencent
  • Managed Team of Writers and Editors as Editor-in-Chief


​Ruben Circelli is a freelance technology writer and editor with a focus on gaming, PCs, and the world of iPhone. He began writing and editing in the tech space in 2014, and since then Ruben has contributed to dozens of sites, creating all kinds of content from news to reviews to buyers guides to op-eds and more! 

As a gamer, Ruben's love of tech has always closely mirrored his love for games. From how good the latest release is to how well the new console you're playing it on works, Ruben has covered it all. Crossing the bridge between the media and game developers, Ruben worked at Tencent as a Game Evaluation Analyst, where he would review and evaluate games and platforms as possible candidates for investment, acquisition, or publishing.

He's a lifelong audiophile who currently rocks Paradigm B15s in conjunction with Polk bookshelf speakers (and receiver) for a full 7.1 setup. He has beloved pairs of Sennheiser Momentums and won't give up his end-game closed-back cans, Shure 1540s.

Ruben is a PC builder fascinated by PC hardware and technology. "I know tons about computer hardware across desktops and laptops; I know what's a good deal; and I know how to put it all together and what you want out of each individual component." 


Ruben graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a BA in English and minors in Creative Writing and Classical Studies.

A Message from Ruben Circelli

"If you were born anywhere in the last handful of decades, consumer technology has radically changed and influenced your life, and video games are rapidly becoming the dominant entertainment medium. Being a part of the wave of the future that changes lives everyday is an honor!"

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