How to Read RSS News Feeds in Mac OS X Mail

Stack of Newspapers
Paul Taylor / Getty Images

Some web sites offer newsletters or email alerts, others provide RSS news feeds. Should you have to juggle two different programs to receive both in a timely manner?

Of course not. So Mac OS X Mail can receive not only mail but articles or headlines from RSS news feeds, too — and you can even have them appear in your Inbox together with the email newsletters.

Read RSS News Feeds in Mac OS X Mail

To add an RSS news feed to your Mac OS X Mail:

  • Select File | Add RSS Feeds... from the menu.
  • If you have the desired feed bookmarked in Safari:
    • Choose Browse Feeds in Safari Bookmarks.
    • Use Collections and the search field to locate the desired RSS news feed or feeds.
    • Make sure the boxes of all feeds you want to read in Mail are checked.
    • Click Add.
  • To add a feed not bookmarked in Safari:
    • Choose Specify a custom feed URL.
    • Copy and paste the RSS news feed's address from your browser.
    • Click OK.

Read RSS News Feed Items in Your Mac OS X Mail Inbox

To see new articles from a feed in your Mac OS X Mail Inbox:

  • Open the feed under RSS in the mailbox list.
  • Click the up arrow.

Click the down arrow in the feed's folder under Inbox to remove it from the inbox (but not Mac OS X Mail altogether).

Read RSS News Feeds Grouped by Folder in Mac OS X Mail

To read multiple feeds grouped together:

  • Click the + button at the mailbox list's bottom.
  • Select New Mailbox... from the menu.
  • Make sure RSS (or a sub-folder thereof if desired) is selected under Location:.
  • Type the desired name (say, "Morning Tea Reading").
  • Click OK.
  • Move all desired RSS news feeds to the folder.
  • Open the folder to read items from all feeds in it.