6 RSS Aggregator Tools to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds

Merge and Combine Two or More RSS Feeds Into One

If you own more than one blog but don’t want to bother your readers by asking them to subscribe to a bunch of separate RSS feeds, you can aggregate RSS feeds from multiple blogs or sites to combine them into one with the help of an RSS aggregator tool.

This is a special type of tool that will pull together all your feeds into one main feed, which will update as you publish new content on the blogs that are included in that feed.

Here are eight different aggregator tools you can use to create your own aggregated feed for free.


RSS Aggregators
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Combining a bunch of feeds into one really doesn’t get any simpler with RSS Mix. All you have to do is enter the full URL address of a particular feed – one on each line – and then press the “Create!” button. There’s no limit to how many feeds you can combine. RSS Mix will automatically give you a URL address to your aggregated feed, which you can use to keep your readers updated on everything, all in one place.

RSS Mixer

Despite having almost an identical name to the one above, RSS Mixer is a different option you may want to try out. It gives users a super fast and simple solution to mixing their feeds in as little as a few seconds – no signing up for an account required. Just give your main feed a name and enter the URLs to the RSS feeds you want to include. Click to create your mixed feed and you're all set! Just remember to add one RSS feed per line.

Feed Killer

Feed Killer is another very easy tool to use for combining RSS feeds. Combine as many feeds as you want by entering the full URL into separate input labels. What’s different about Feed Killer is that you can choose how many “stories” you want to show up in the custom feed. Press “add more” to add as many feeds as you like and then press “build it” to create your custom aggregated feed.


If you don’t need a lot of customizable options and all you really need is to bring together a bunch of feeds as quickly and easily as possible, ChimpFeedr can do that for you. Simply copy and paste the full URL of the feed into the label box and add as many feeds as you like. Press the big “Chomp Chomp!” button and you are good to go with your brand new aggregated feed.

Feed Informer

Feed Informer offers the best of both worlds in terms of RSS combining. If you’re looking to combine a few feeds quickly, simply use the form on the front page by entering the URL addresses. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free account to choose output options, customize your aggregated feed template and publish your feed digest.


RebelMouse is a different kind of RSS aggregator, but still worth checking out. It's basically a news aggregator for all your social profiles and any RSS feeds you want to add – all displayed in a beautiful Pinterest-like format on your very own free RebelMouse website. Once you have your RebelMouse site all set up, you can point followers to rebelmouse.com/your-username so they can check out your social feed.