Route a Specific Sender's Mail to a Yahoo! Mail Folder

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Whether you want suspense until the last minute, tend to certain messages immediately unhampered by the clutter of an Inbox, or know some messages (certain newsletters, for example) can wait to be read until the weekend, Yahoo! Mail can lend you a magnificently helping hand.

Using a simple filter, you can route mail from a particular sender to a particular, home-made folder. This pre-screens your mail and lets you focus on the next important mail at any time sparing you the distraction of random messages in the default Inbox (where all unfiltered mail will still appear, of course).

Route a Specific Sender's Mail to a Particular Yahoo! Mail Folder

To have Yahoo! Mail deliver messages from a certain sender to a particular folder automatically:

  1. Select Options | Mail Options from the toolbar.

  2. Go to the Filters category.

  3. Click the + Add button.

  4. Type the sender's name under Filter Name:.

  5. Enter the desired sender's email address under Sender: Contains.

  6. Make sure sender match case is not checked.

  7. Under Then deliver the email to the following folder, select the desired target folder from the drop-down menu.

  8. If you have not yet created a folder for the contact:

    Select [New Folder].

    Type the new folder's name under Folder name.

    Click OK.

  9. Click Save.