Route a Specific Sender's Mail to a Yahoo! Mail Folder

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Using a simple filter, you can route mail from a particular sender to a folder in Yahoo Mail. This helps you keep your mail organized, cuts down on inbox clutter, and puts such mail where you can find it easily.

Here's how to set up the filter.

  1. Select the gear icon at the top right of the main Yahoo Mail screen to open the Settings Menu.

    Yahoo Mail main screen > Settings
  2. Select More Settings.

    Yahoo Mail Settings menu
  3. Click or tap Filters.

    Yahoo Mail Settings > Filters
  4. Select Add new filters.

    Yahoo Mail Filters menu
  5. Enter the filter's criteria in the Edit Filter menu that opens. In this example, we're filtering out mail from and sending it to a folder named Some folder. Make sure Match case is not checked.

    Yahoo Mail Edit Filter menu

    If you haven't created the folder in which you'd like these email folders filed yet, here's how.

  6. Hit Save. Now, every email that meets the criteria you chose in the previous steps will be filed automatically in the folder you've designated.