Route a Specific Sender's Mail to a Yahoo Mail Folder

Let Yahoo help you organize your inbox

Use a simple filter to route mail from a particular sender to a folder in Yahoo Mail. This keeps your mail organized, cuts down on inbox clutter, and puts mail where you can find it easily.

How to Send Email to a Folder

Here's how to set up the filter:

  1. Select Settings (the gear icon).

    Yahoo Mail inbox with the Settings icon highlighted
  2. Select More Settings.

    Yahoo Mail Inbox with the More Settings icon highlighted
  3. Select Filters.

    Yahoo Mail settings with the Filters heading highlighted
  4. Select Add new filters.

    Yahoo Mail settings with the "Add new filters" button highlighted
  5. In the Edit Filter section, enter the filter criteria. For example, to filter out mail from and send it to a folder named Some folder. Clear the Match case checkbox.

    Create the folder in Yahoo Mail before you create the filter.

    Filter creation screen in Yahoo Mail with the filter name, sender address, and destination folder highlighted
  6. Press Save.

    Filter creation window in Yahoo Mail with the Save button highlighted
  7. Every email that meets the filter criteria will be filed automatically in the folder you designated.

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