Rose de Fremery

Rose de Fremery headshot.

Rose de Fremery has been writing about technology since 2011. She has contributed articles about technology innovation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, and IT management for Ziff-Davis, HP, IBM, Intel, Vonage, The Mighty Guides, and others.

Rose is fascinated by technology's potential to improve the way we work and live today, and she enjoys explaining complex technical concepts in a way that everyone can understand, including people who may be new to or even slightly freaked out by technology.


Rose served as Managing Editor of The Social Media Monthly, the world's first print magazine dedicated to the social media revolution, from 2011-2014. While at that publication, she also wrote feature articles on a wide range of topics that were not well understood at the time, including augmented reality, crowdfunding, sports and social media, the Obama 2012 campaign, and music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

As a former IT Director for a large international human rights organization, Rose strongly believes that technology should work for people, not the other way around. Accordingly, technology shines only when people feel empowered using it, not intimidated by it. She still maintains a connection to the nonprofit sector by teaching a course on nonprofit technology project planning and hiring for the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network.


Rose graduated from Oberlin College with a major in English literature and a minor in computer science in 1998. She has long considered herself a hybrid technologist-writer dating back from the days when, as a high school student, she wrote her first guide to the internet in 1994.

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