Rondee Conferencing Tool Review

Free Audio Conference Service

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Rondee is an audio conferencing tool that gives a lot of features for starting and managing conference calls for free. It is suitable for businesses, educational groups and individuals making family and friend meetings. The two major things about Rondee are: it allows you to initiate a non-scheduled conference at any time; it offers many features for free. Among those features is the number of participants per call, 50, which is a lot compared to other tools of the like on the market.


  • Can start non-scheduled conferences at any time.
  • Many features offered for free.
  • As many as 50 participants per call for free.


  • No feature to manage a conference call visually.
  • Poor support for Mac, and no app for mobile devices.


There are two ways to start a conference call with Rondee. One is to start a scheduled conference and the other is to start an on-demand conference. The scheduled conference call is quite obvious, and Rondee gives a number of parameters to set and manage it. For instance, you can have options like toll-free access if you have a toll-free number, call recording, and statistics reporting. You can also have time-related settings like setting a conference as being recurrent e.g. same time every week.

The on-demand conference call is an interesting feature for Rondee. You can start a conference call on the spot, provided of course you have an audience ready for joining in. They will be contacted immediately through email and will be given a PIN code. You are given a PIN code which is auto-generated, but you can make one up of your own. Participants, whether on an on-demand or scheduled conference, will call and join the conference using the PIN code, as is normally the case with nearly all conferencing tools.

The invitation is sent to all members through email, which is quite well-designed and efficient with Rondee. When scheduling a call, you enter the email addresses and are given options for fine tuning the notifications.

When a conference starts, there is a small panel on the interface that gives you a hint on who entered and who is in. This is the only visual aid you have to manage the conference, which still does not solve most of the major issues you normally have with audio conferences. Tools like UberConference allow you to visually manage an audio conference.

But Rondee has two advantages. You can have as many as 50 participants per conference. At that level, it might even be too much because it is not a webinar tool, and everyone is expected to participate. So this number is a great advantage. Second, Rondee offers interesting features including call recording of the calls, for free.

On the purely technical side, there have been reports of difficulty to join calls using Rondee, and also reports that there are glitches when run on Mac. Rondee also has difficulty in working with Google Voice. The Rondee interface actually runs in a browser. Users need to register with their email addresses, which is a very simple and straightforward process.

You have the ability to upload and change the greeting tones and prompts. You can also set some participants to listen-only mode. There is also completed reporting on who participated. The recorded calls are saved on their server and made available for you to download for free.

To make a conference call, go to, enter you email address to sign up if you are not yet a user, or sign in. Then select whether you want to start an on-demand conference call or a scheduled on. You will then have a complete interface right inside your browser for settings your conference options and for entering the details of people you want to invite in.

If you want a toll-free number, you can get it in their premium plan for $0.05 per caller per minute.