Ron Goldberg

Ron Goldberg has been writing professionally about home video since 1989 and has appeared in print, broadcast and online media on the subject throughout the world. Ron is a former syndicated home video columnist for New York Newsday and has written for such publications as Entertainment Weekly, Popular Science, Sound & Vision, Home Theater and CE Vision. He has appeared on CNN, MTV, ABC, Fox and CNBC, as well as NPR and innumerable radio affiliates.


Ron is a former National Media Spokesperson for the Consumer Electronics Association, where he helped introduce numerous video technologies to the consumer market, including HDTV, direct satellite broadcasts and digital cameras. Ron was the co-founder of the Web's first broad-scale portal for consumer electronics,, which pioneered many of the shopping/research tools and techniques that we take for granted today, including the product comparison engine, the multi-retailer shopping cart and the Web's first multimedia Knowledge Bank for consumer electronics.


Ron earned his BFA degree in Film & Video Production at New York University, where he honed his skills with 16mm film, open-reel video and U-Matic video cartridges. Since then he has followed and written about every emerging video standard for the home and professional markets, from Beta and VHS through 8mm, Hi-8, DV, DVD and now HDTV, Blu-ray, 4k and beyond.

Ron Goldberg

For me, home video is more than just TV, it's a connection into larger ideas like art, entertainment, education, industry and memory. While I can be picky about picture and sound quality, I realize that home video is all about content, and that a family camcorder tape or a grainy YouTube video can be a more meaningful experience than the most elaborate Hollywood extravaganza. My goal is to help users get the most out of their home video experience -- better picture, better sound, easier usability and more enjoyment.

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