Ron Fritz

Ron is a computer professional with 15 years experience in computer technology and 10 years experience with home automation systems.


Ron's experience with computer technology, along with his extensive background in management, brought him to the home automation industry in 2001 when he went to work for Smarthome. In addition to maintaining the company's IT systems, he worked with Engineering on new product development.

Leaving Smarthome in 2004, Ron worked as CEO for a wholesale home automation company providing home automation products to resellers nationwide. Working with companies like ACT, X10, and 3M allowed him to further broaden his experience in the field.

In 2005 he became a certified Z-Wave engineer and worked with a handful of companies designing and developing Z-Wave concept products.

Ron has a bachelor's degree in Management.

Ron Fritz

I believe that technology should be fun. You shouldn't have to be an engineer to reap the benefits of technology. My goal is to simplify home automation so individuals with no technology experience can still enjoy the benefits of using it. Any opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not represent those of or any other organization.

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