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Guide to Rome Total War Cheats and Cheat Codes

Rome: Total War
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The Rome Total War cheats and cheat codes will help give you that extra edge when playing the single player grand campaign and scenarios.

To enable Rome Total War cheats press the tilde key(~) at the top level of any standard keyboard to bring up the console window. It is here that you will enter the cheat code for the desired effect.

All cheat codes are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as shown below.

It is also important that Rome: Total War is updated through the latest patch available.

Rome: Total War Cheats
Cheat CodeEffect
?Get help on cheat code entered
add_money ##Increase money by ##
add_populationAdd population to city entered
adjust_sea_bedAdjust seabed height
ai_turn_speedSet AI turn speed
auto_winAttacker or defender auto resolved battle
burn_piggies_burnIgnite all piggy winks
capture_settlementCapture city entered
character_resetReset character to starting settings
clear_messagesClear all messages
controlChange faction being controlled
create_buildingCreate building of type entered
create_unitCreates a unit in the selectment or character army
damage_wallDamage the walls of a settlement
dateChange the year
diplomacy_missionCreate diplomacy mission
diplomatic_stanceSet diplomacy stance of two factions
disable_aiDisable AI
eventcreate an event
filter_coastlinesApply filter to world map coastlines
force_battle_defeatForce player to lose the battle
force_battle_victoryForce player to win the battle
force_diplomacyForce opponent to accept diplomatic proposal
gamestop or bestbuyMake units 10% cheaper in campaign mode
give_traitGive trait to character
give_trait_pointsGive trait points to character
give_trait_pointsGive specific trait points to character
halt_aiHalt AI turn sequence
invulnerable_generalMake general invincible in combat
jerichoWalls fall down in the siege in battle map mode
kill_characterKill character
kill_factionKill faction
list_ancillariesList all available ancillaries
list_charactersList all characters in the game
list_traitsLists all traits
list_unitsList all units in an army
move_characterMove character to map coordinates
mpGive character movement points
oliphauntMake elephants are 40% bigger in campaign mode
output_unit_positionsDisplay the positions of all units in battle
process_cqComplete all building in construction queue
process_rqComplete all military units in recruitment queue
regenerate_radarRegenerate radar
run_aiRestarts an AI turn (after Halt -see halt_ai)
seasonChanges season
set_building_healthSet building health
show_all_messagesToggle show all messages to all factions
show_battle_circleShow a circle at x, y of r radius for t seconds
show_battle_markerShow a marker at x, y for t seconds
show_battle_street_planShow the street plan for the settlement
toggle_coastlinesToggle coastline display
toggle_flowing_waterToggle display of flowing water on campaign map
toggle_fowToggle fog of war
toggle_overlayToggle overlay
toggle_perfect_spyToggle spying ability
toggle_restrictcamToggle camera restrictions
toggle_terrainToggle the terrain
trigger_adviceTrigger advice
upgrade_effectTrigger unit upgrade
victoryShow victory message for faction
zoomZoom to specified map zoom

About Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War is a strategy game from The Creative Assembly that was released in 2004 for the PC. 

The game takes place during the in the few centuries before the birth of Christ in what is know as the late Roman Republic. 

Players control one of the three great Roman houses as they try to eventually control all 50 Roman provinces through diplomacy and warfare.


In addition to grand strategic campaign mode, Rome: Total War also includes numerous scenarios that recreate historical battles such as the Siege of Sparta, Battle of Carrhae, and more.

Two expansion packs were released for Rome: Total War. The first was titled Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion. This expansion allowed players to control the barbarian tribes of northern Europe and the Middle east during what was know as the migration period.

The second expansion titled Rome Total War: Alexander put players in the role of Alexander the Great and includes a number of battle scenarios and campaigns.

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