Roku's Two New Devices Could Give Your Streaming a Boost

One for a faster start, and the other for a more theater-like experience

Roku has a pair of new devices that aim to make streaming more approachable and more theater-like.

Two new pieces of hardware are on the way from Roku—the Roku Express and Wireless Bass—each offering something different. Whether you're just getting started with Roku streaming or want to feel more like you're in a movie theater, you've got options.

Roku Wireless Bass


Roku claims the Roku Express is the company's "most affordable" option for dipping a toe into media streaming. It utilizes what Roku says is an intuitive home screen, along with a guided setup process, so all you have to do is plug it into your TV (don't forget to connect to the internet) and follow the prompts. It also uses Dual-Band Wi-Fi for more flexibility and stable streaming performance and includes a streamlined remote with only the essential buttons, along with a few channel shortcuts.

Roku Express


The Roku Wireless Bass is mainly intended for Roku users who already have their setup situated but are looking for something more. It's compact, can pair easily with other devices, and Roku says it works perfectly with its Wireless Speakers, Streambar, or Wireless Soundbar. You won't have to deal with cables, since it's wireless, and once set up, it will give your films and shows more oomph. As in, you can physically feel the heavier sounds.

Both the Roku Express and Roku Wireless Bass are available for pre-order now from Roku's website, priced at $29.99 and $129.99, respectively. The Roku Express should begin shipping on October 17, while the Roku Wireless Bass will arrive a few weeks later, on November 7.

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