Roku Releases 11 New HD and 4K Streaming TVs, Exclusive to Best Buy

24- to 75-inches, streaming built in

Roku's previously hinted at self-made line of TVs are hitting store shelves (both physically and digitally), with close to a dozen models available.

Roku's been incorporated into TVs before, but its Select and Plus Series TVs announced in January mark the company's first foray into making its own streaming TV sets. And today, 11 different models (some HD and some 4K) have become publicly available—but only through Best Buy.

Roku Plus series TV


The Roku Plus Series of smart TVs (55-, 65-, and 75-inch) use QLED displays with 4K Dolby Vision to provide sharp details and colors and offer hands-free voice control. They can also stream content, whether it's from Roku or other services, over a built-in Wi-Fi 6 connection. And each Plus Series TV can simulate surround sound via Dolby Atmos support or connect to wireless headphones.

Select Series TVs also come in 4K (43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, and 75-inch), but use HDR10+ instead of QLED screens, so the picture won't be quite as bright and contrasted in a side-by-side. They also don't support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, or Bluetooth, but they are a bit less costly than their Plus Series counterparts.

43-inch Roku TV


If you're not looking for 4K, the Select Series is also available in HD (24- and 32-inch) and FHD (40-inch) versions. Of course, as you might expect from the least expensive sets in the lineup, they also lack many of the more advanced features found in the 4K models. Dolby Audio is still supported, but no Dolby Atmos or Vision, no HDR10+, and no ethernet or Bluetooth connections (only Wi-Fi).

All Roku Select and Plus Series TVs are available exclusively through Best Buy (both online and in-store). The Plus Series 4K is priced at $649.99 (55-inch), $799.99 (65-inch), and $1199.99 (75-inch), while the Select Series HD sells for $149.99 (24-inch), $199.99 (32-inch), and $279.99 (40-inch). Select Series 4K prices include $319.99 (43-inch), $379.99 (50-inch), $429.99 (55-inch), $599.99 (65-inch), and $799.99 (75-inch).

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