Roku Issues Reported After 10.5 System Update

Streaming apps aren't loading for some customers

Some Roku customers are having problems with streaming apps after downloading the recent Roku OS 10.5 update. 

Customers have been posting on forums like the Roku community site and Reddit complaining about various issues with Roku devices since downloading the latest software update, according to TechCrunch. The first sign of problems appeared about two weeks ago on the Roku community forum. 

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Roku users are reporting an array of issues like popular streaming apps either not working at all or having frequent issues, frozen screens, and problems with the functionality of the Roku remote.

A Roku community manager posted to the forum explaining more details about the issues. 

"We are continuing to investigate reported performance and stability issues, although we can confirm that this is only affecting a small subset of users due to specific network configurations.  Roku is making a software rollback available to provide an immediate workaround," community manager RokuAustin wrote in a forum post. 

For now, there is no official system update that addresses the widespread problems, but Roku forum moderators advise customers that are having issues to send a private message to the moderator to investigate further. In addition, you can check your affected device for a manual update, which may provide some relief.

Lifewire reached out to Roku to find out a timeline of when customers can expect a permanent fix but has not received a response.

The Roku OS 10.5 update was initially released in October. However, TechCrunch notes that the company first updates its streaming players and then its devices, so Roku TVs and remotes that received the update more recently could be the leading cause of customers' problems. 

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