Roku Finally Expands Beyond Accessories—Introducing the Roku Select TV

Nearly a dozen models from 24 to 75 inches

Roku is famous for making things that plug into televisions, but now they are skipping the middleman and making some TVs of their own. 

The company just announced the launch of Roku Select and Roku Select Plus Series TVs, the very first models to be designed and manufactured by Roku. These models are available in versions ranging from 24 inches all the way to 75 inches and are packed with features to suit modern streaming aficionados. 

Roku Select TVs


All of these HD and 4K TVs ship with Roku voice-activated remote controls for easy navigation, with Plus Series models shipping with a more robust controller for added nuance. Each Roku television obviously includes access to the entire Roku ecosystem of content, including the company’s own streaming offerings. 

“These Roku-branded TVs will not only complement the current lineup of partner-branded Roku TV models but also allow us to enable future smart TV innovations,” said Mustafa Ozgen, President of Devices at Roku. “The streaming revolution has only just begun.”

It is worth noting that there are multiple Roku-branded TVs currently on the market, but these older models were not designed or manufactured by the company.

Roku Select Line


The new Roku Select and Select Plus line launches at the “beginning of Spring” and the models range in price from $120 to $1,000. 

Roku also announced a new wireless soundbar, which will be available in the United States sometime in the next few months. 

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