Roku Expands Its Smart Home Lineup With a Home Monitoring Starter Kit

Compatible with other Roku smart home devices

Roku is expanding its lineup of Smart Home hardware with the addition of a new home monitoring system starter pack of sorts.

The company began dabbling in Smart Home devices in October of 2022 and is now taking the next step with the Roku Home Monitoring System SE, developed in partnership with Wyze. This new monitoring system includes a handful of devices to get you started, but can also connect with other Roku smart home tech for more thorough coverage.

Roku home monitoring sensor on door


One monitoring system comes with five separate devices you can install yourself, then connect with your smartphone for notifications and remote system control. Two entry sensors can be placed on doors or windows to let you know when they're opened, closed, ajar, etc. The motion sensor can be set to notify you or turn on a light when activated and has a pet setting to avoid unnecessary flagging.

The "wire-free" keypad acts the part of the analog control system and can be used to arm or disarm monitoring and change modes. At the center of it all is a hub with a built-in alarm, which will sound when an emergency is detected—or if you manually set it off.

Roku Home Monitoring System SE


You can also connect other Roku smart home devices to the monitoring system, whether you already have them or acquire them later. But regardless of whether or not you incorporate additional cameras, smart doorbells, and so on, you can monitor everything on your own without additional cost. Or, if you'd prefer, 24-hour professional monitoring via Noonlight is also available with a subscription.

You can purchase the Roku Home Monitoring System SE directly from Roku today for $99.99, though it will also be available exclusively through Walmart in the US starting Monday, May 15. A professional monitoring service plan is also available, priced at either $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

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