Roku Announces The Model 3600R Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick with Quad Core Processor and Dual Band Wifi
Roku Streaming Stick with Quad Core Processor and Dual Band Wifi. Image provided by Roku

Roku has always been on the forefront of the internet streaming craze, which includes pioneering the Streaming Stick concept in 2012. Since then, several competitors have joined in, including the Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

However, for 2016, it looks like Roku has upped the ante with its latest version of the Roku Streaming stick (Model 3600R).

Introduction to the Roku Model 3600R

First up, there is the hardware.

The Roku Model 3600R streaming stick features the same compact, little bit larger than a typical USB flash drive, plug-in form factor of its predecessors. The entire device is only measures .5 x 3.3 x .8 inches, and only weighs a little over 1/2 an ounce.

The 3600R Streaming Stick is also the only one available (as of the original post date of this article) that has a built-in Quad-Core processor to facilitate faster menu and feature navigation, as well as more efficient content access.

The Streaming Stick also comes with a provided wireless remote control - Ironically, the remote control is actually larger than the Streaming Stick!


Video support includes the ability to stream and output 720p and 1080p (no 4K streaming or output capability though - which is a slight disappointment)


Audio support includes compatibility with Digital Stereo, as well as pass-through of Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS Digital Surround (content dependent) that the TV can pass-through to a home theater receiver via the digital optical or HDMI Audio Return Channel connection options for further decoding (consult your TV's user manual to see if these options are available to you).


For internet connectivity, upgraded dual-band Wifi is built-in.

To watch content accessible by the Streaming Stick, all your TV needs is an HDMI port - and, for power, if your TV also has an available USB port you can use that option, or you can use the supplied adapter to plug into AC power.

The Mobile App

Roku also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that provides even more flexibility. The mobile app now provides Voice Search, as well as duplicating several menu categories that are a part of the Roku TV OS7.1 onscreen menu system, allowing you to control Roku players directly from your compatible mobile device.

In addition, you can use your mobile device to send home recorded videos, photos, and music, as well as Netflix and YouTube content to the streaming stick and see them on your TV screen.

Private Listening and Bluetooth Support

Another practical feature is that you can use your own compatible iOS or Android device's speakers or earphones (as well as many Bluetooth headphones and speakers) to listen to the sound coming from the Roku Streaming stick, which is great for private or late-night TV viewing.

Roku OS7.1 Operating System

Features of Roku's OS7.1 include a search and discovery feature that shows what programs and movies are available, as well as a "coming soon" feature that will remind you when they will be available. You can bookmark desired TV shows and movies and place them in a "My Feed" category.

Another capability of OS7.1 is the ability for you to take your Roku streaming stick traveling and use it in a hotel, someone else's house, or even a dorm room.

Using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a PC, just log into your Roku Account, follow the instructions, and you are all set to use your Roku device and account.

More Info

The Roku platform provides access (depending on location) to over 3,000 internet-based content channels, including both familiar (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) as well as more narrowly based channels (NASA TV, CNET, and TED), and, of course, lots of Sports, Music, and even International channels - Check out the periodically updated list.

However, keep in mind that although some internet channels are free, many do require either a monthly subscription payment or a pay-per-view fee.

In other words, the Roku box and platform provides access to available internet streaming services, what you watch and want to pay for beyond that is up to you.

The initial suggested price for the Roku Streaming Stick is $49.99 Official Product Page - Buy From Amazon

UPDATE 05/25/2016: Hands On Full Review Of The Roku 3600R Streaming Stick

The Roku platform provides consumers with the ability to add media streaming capabilities to just about any TV or video projector (depending on which Roku model you choose).

For details on other entries in Roku's product line announced during the past year, read my previous reports: Roku Announces Upgraded Roku 2 and 3 Boxes For 2015 and The Roku 4 4K Ultra HD Media Streamer Profiled.

In addition to standalone streaming media players, Roku has also partnered with several TV makers, such as Best Buy Insignia, Sharp, Haier, and TCL to incorporate the Roku operating system right into select TVs.

Roku has also partnered with Best Buy/Insignia on a Roku TV with 4K streaming capability.

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Original Article Publish Date: 04/05/2016 - Robert Silva

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