Roger Altizer

Roger Altizer is a videogame professor at the University of Utah where he both studies and teaches videogame theory and design.


In addition to teaching game design/development Roger has made several presentations on gaming at academic conferences and has received a grant from Microsoft to pursue the use of XNA in the classroom. Roger has been around the videogame block, having worked as a tester, a journalist, and an educator in the field. He has attended numerous academic and industry events.


Roger is currently pursuing his PhD in communication at the University of Utah. His research focuses on the cultural and social aspects of gaming, the debate over the effects of videogames, and intellectual property as it relates to new media. Recently he has worked on projects exploring the use of videogames for pain management. He helped establish the videogame education curriculum at the University of Utah and helps students pursue gaming as a subject and career.

Roger Altizer

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