Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 Cheat Codes

Unlock all songs and venues

Someone singing on a microphone at Harmonix and MTV Games' Rock Band Party

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Rock Band 2 is a music video game developed by Harmonix and released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii consoles in 2008. It combines rhythm-based gameplay with popular rock and pop songs, allowing up to four players to simulate a performance using controllers modeled after musical instruments. If you're looking for some help on your way to stardom, here's a list of cheat codes.

This guide specifically applies to the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2. A PS3 guide is also available, along with some general tips.

Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following cheat codes by going to the Extras menu and selecting Modify Game. You won't be able to save the game or unlock achievements while a cheat code is active.

The codes are listed in literal (for example, Orange, Orange) as well as shortened (for example, O, O) format. Input the keys quickly; a short pause between button presses can cause the code to fail.

Cheat Cheat Code Shortened Cheat Code
Awesome Detection Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange Y, B, O, Y, B, O, Y, B, O
New Venues Only Red, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow R, R, R, R, Y, Y, Y, Y
Stage Mode Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red B, Y, R, B, Y, R, B, Y, R
Unlock All Songs Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue R, Y, B, R, R, B, B, R, Y, B
Unlock All Venues Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow B, O, O, B, Y, B, O, O, B, Y