Rock Band 2 Cheats for PS3

The Band Jump Shot
PunkJr/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

The following cheats are available for the music video game, Rock Band 2, on the PlayStation 3 video game console. There are quite a few more codes for this version than there were in the original Rock Band.

Cheats for Rock Band 2 on the PS3 are entered with a controller at the Extras, Modify Game, Enter Unlock Code screen. Cheats are entered with a regular PS3 controller using the standard codes, or with the guitar using the color codes.

Some gamers have experienced problems entering the codes using a controller. If this happens to you use the color codes with the guitar to enter the cheats.

Unlock All Songs

  • Cheat code: Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square.
  • Using guitar: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue.

Unlock New Venues Only

  • Cheat code: Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
  • Using guitar: Red, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow.

Unlock Awesome Detection

  • Cheat code: Triangle, Square, L1, Triangle, Square, L1, Triangle, Square, L1.
  • Using guitar: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange.

Unlock Performance Mode

  • Cheat code: Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.
  • Using guitar: Blue, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue.

Unlock Breakneck Speed

  • Cheat code: L1, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Square, L1, L1, Square.
  • Using guitar: Orange, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue.

Unlock Stage Mode

  • Cheat code: Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
  • Using guitar: Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red.

Unlock Select Venue Screen

  • Cheat code: Square, L1, L1, Square, Triangle, Square, L1, L1, Square, Triangle.
  • Using guitar: Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow.