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A writer with more than 15 years of experience writing news, reviews, how-tos, first drivers, and features for Wired, Kelly Blue Book, Car and Driver, Engadget, TechCrunch, Outside, Motor1, and others. 

Former online editor for MacLife and senior technology editor for Car and Driver. 

Bachelor’s degree in film with an emphasis on writing from Academy of Art. Associate’s degree in graphic design from Brooks College. 


Roberto Baldwin is a freelance journalist that has covered automobiles with a focus on EVs and mobility for a range of publications including Car and Driver and Engadget. He has been a journalist for 16 years and is currently a juror for the World Car of the Year. On average, Roberto drives over 80 vehicles a year and has a deep knowledge of the automotive sector both traditional and electrified. 

Roberto’s relative experience includes:

  • Automotive features for Car and Driver and Engadget
  • Dozens of automotive reviews with various publications
  • World Car of the Year juror for the past four years. 

Roberto has been a journalist since the mid-2000s and has transitioned from covering tech to automobiles almost exclusively six years ago. His love of cars and motorcycles began when his father taught how to work on vehicles and his mother taught him how to drive on mountain roads. He’s spoken to nearly every major automaker’s CEO and has a deep understanding of how EVs will change the way we drive in the future. 

My Gear

I currently drive a 2014 Subaru BRZ (manual transmission of course) and am eagerly awaiting the Hyundai Ioniq5 EV. My computer set up is the 2020 MacBook Air M1 running MacOS Big Sur. On-the-go I use a 5th-generation iPad Mini, iPhone 11, Sony A6100 camera, and GoPro 9. I write in Google Docs almost exclusively and Adobe Lightroom Classic for photos. 


While I’m far removed from my film and graphic design degrees, they have both allowed me to adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape of journalism. 

A Message from Roberto Baldwin

Lifewire gives me the opportunity to share my passion for the future of transportation in regards to electric vehicles. The current EV market may be small compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, but the percentage of EVs sold will continue to grow and as that happens, educate the public about what that means to them on a personal level. Plus, EVs offer up a wonderful driving experience. 

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