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Robert Wells



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Amazon Kindle Fire devices

PlayStation 4


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  • Freelance technology writer covering web development, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity, among other topics and contributor to
  • Video game designer who released his first game, "The Epic of Gilgamesh" in 2011
  • Licensed educator with a BA in English and Creative Writing


Robert Wells is a former educator, current professional writer, and life-long tech enthusiast. Robert's love for video games has been the driving force behind his passion for technology. In 2011, Robert designed and released a role-playing computer game based on “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” After taking classes in coding, Robert began authoring web development tutorials for a commercial CDN. He joined the Lifewire team in 2018 and looks forward to expanding and sharing his expertise.

In addition to creating video game walkthroughs and web development tutorials, Robert has written about a wide variety of tech topics, including cybersecurity, the role of AI in marketing, cryptocurrencies and cloud computing. He also penned chapters for an ebook about Bitcoin. 

After completing his English and creative writing degrees, Robert taught public high school and middle school for three years. He published a book of poetry titled "War on X-Mas" in 2011, and he began working as a professional ghostwriter the following year. Robert has since turned his love for learning and writing into a career.

My Gear

I primarily use my Windows 10 Lenovo laptop to run emulators for classic video game consoles. I use my PlayStation 4 to stream movies on my Roku TV, which is also connected to my Nintendo Switch and a hacked SNES Classic with the entire library of 16-bit Nintendo games. I've haven't read a physical book since 2010 thanks to my Amazon Fire tablet, which I rooted so that I can install apps outside of the Kindle store.


Robert holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He obtained his teaching license through North Carolina Central University in 2010.

A Message from Robert Earl Wells III

Learning and teaching are my two favorite things, and writing for Lifewire gives me the opportunity to do both every day. Being part of a community of tech experts allows me to keep up with our rapidly changing world, and I am happy to be helping others do the same.

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