Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots Cheat Codes for PC

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Originally developed by Big Huge Games in 2004, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots is an RTS game that brings over five thousand years of history to your screen and is the second in the Rise of Nations series. Games must make decisions, negotiate, trade, build and buy their way to victory.

To enter a cheat in Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots press the Enter key, type in one of the codes below, and press Enter to activate the cheat's effect.

Change Difficulty: cheat diff [0-5]Note: For highest difficulty, use the code: cheat diff 5

Create Bird at Pointer: cheat bird

Defeat Player: cheat defeat [name]

Destroy Selected Unit/Building: cheat die

Fast Forward: ffwd #(minutes)Note: Moves the game forward by the number of minutes you enter.

Finish Selected Building or Item in Queue: cheat finish

Get Heavy Machine Gun Infantry: cheat safe

Get Resources: cheat resource all+[#]

Get Technology Level: cheat library [#]

Nuke at Pointer: cheat nuke

Reveal Map: cheat reveal [0 or 1]

Reveal Map and Control All Players: cheat sandbox

Victory for Player: cheat victory [name]

Cheat Hot Keys

To activate the cheat hotkeys in Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots during gameplay press Enter, and type in the code 'cheat keys on'. Now the following cheat hotkeys can be used during the game:

1000 of Each ResourceCheat hot key: Alt + F5

Speedier Creation of Buildings / ResearchCheat hot key: Alt + F9