Ring's New Car Cam Keeps a Comprehensive Eye on Vehicles

It also lets you speak to anyone in or near the car

Security camera market leader Ring has just announced a new product that attaches to vehicles to provide a comprehensive safety solution. 

The Ring Car Cam is exactly what it sounds like, a Ring security camera for automobiles. In some ways, this offering is similar to door-based cameras, as it is controlled via the Ring app and mounts using simple packed-in tools. However, that is where the similarities end. 

Ring Car Cam


This is a dual-facing camera. You mount it on the dashboard, and one camera faces out while the other faces in. These cameras record while the car is in motion and when it is parked and turned off to keep a constant eye on things. The device is packed with sensors to detect changes both near the vehicle and inside it. 

If it detects a break-in or an uptick in movement near the car, the cameras automatically start recording, and you’ll get a real-time alert sent to your phone. The app will let you watch live and even talk to anyone inside or near the car. 

Ring Car Cam


This is also a voice-activated device, allowing users to start recording as they drive, a feature the company is calling "Traffic Stop," likely because it gives you a visual record of, well, traffic stops and the like. Remember, Amazon owns Ring, so Alexa integration is pretty much a given. 

The Ring Car Cam is available for preorder starting today. Early adopters pay $200 for the gadget, but the price shoots up to $250 once preorders have closed. They begin shipping next month. 

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