Ring’s New Battery Doorbell Plus Promises to Let You See More and Last Longer

See more and last longer

Ring is primed to release its new Battery Doorbell Plus, which claims a much-improved battery life over the original Ring as well as a wider camera field of view.

The company's newest smart doorbell model, the Battery Doorbell Plus, iterates off of previous Ring doorbells with a more complete view, higher resolution, and a longer-lasting battery. In addition to other standard Ring features like motion detection and alerts, setting your own privacy zones, two-way talk with visitors, and more.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus


That upgraded camera is one of the biggest changes over previous models, with the Battery Doorbell Plus capturing HD video in 1536p—the highest resolution in the line so far. But in addition to the sharper imagery, the field of view has been expanded to reach up to 150-degrees. Ring's intention for this expanded FOV is to provide much more complete video coverage of an area so you won't miss any important details. The larger FOV also means you'll have more precise choices when it comes to setting up motion detection and notifications.

Battery Doorbell Plus in-app camera view


There aren't as many specifics given about the improved battery life, though Ring has stated that the Battery Doorbell Plus will last up to three times longer than the original Ring. It doesn't mention exact (or estimated) lifespans either, but the Plus does use a quick-release rechargeable battery pack and the doorbell itself can optionally be hooked up to a solar panel instead.

You can preorder the Battery Doorbell Plus from either Ring or Amazon today, priced at $179.99 and expected to release next month on April 5th. Though some features like photo preview notifications on your phone, package alerts, and 180-day video storage will require a separate Ring Protection Plan subscription.

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