Ring’s Home Security System is Almost a Perfect Fit

One ring to rule them all

Key Takeaways

  • Ring is an easy-to-install home security system that you can expand over time with new sensors and cameras.
  • Ring works well with most smart home devices—like Google Home and Echo—making it easy to monitor your system from anywhere in your house.
  • The Ring app brings all of your home devices together, allowing you to monitor everything from one place.
A closeup of a Ring alarm system keypad and door sensor.


Ring’s second-generation home security system stands out among home security offerings thanks to its rich notifications and system customization, but there are still a few areas it could improve.

I’ve wanted to install a home security system for a while now, and Ring’s home security network stands out for several reasons. First, there’s the continuous ability to expand the number of sensors, keypads, and other pieces as needed.

There’s also the fact that Ring already will work flawlessly with any Ring-branded video doorbells you might own. And, finally, you can either monitor your security yourself or add professional monitoring for just $100 a year (if you pay in advance), making it one of the cheapest options for professional-level monitoring.

I looked into some of the other options out there, but these reasons pushed me toward Ring. I found a starter package I liked, added a couple of extra sensors I felt I needed, and then waited for it to arrive. Now, after almost a week with Ring installed, I’m happy I picked it up, though I have found a few things I don’t like about it.

Standing Out

There are many different smart home and home security systems out there, from brands like SimpliSafe to more common and traditional networks like Blue by ADT. You’ve got options when it comes to securing your home. What made Ring stand out for me, though, is how easily it integrates with all the smart home devices I already own.

The fact that it works automatically with the devices I already had set up around my house was essential. After all, I was about to drop a few hundred dollars on a security system; I didn’t need to worry about spending another hundred or two on additional smart home devices. 

We live in a rented home, so being able to set up a video doorbell and outside cameras without needing to hardwire them was critical, and the Ring app makes it easy to keep track of the battery life and status of all the devices. The app also gives you access to Neighbors, a digital neighborhood watch system that allows other users in your area to share videos and reports of crime, and even lost or found pets.

Alterations Needed

While I like what Ring is doing, overall, and its app is very helpful, it almost undermines itself sometimes. The starter kits that you buy each come with a keypad, helpful for disarming your alarm whenever you enter or exit your home. However, the keypad doesn’t do a good job of letting you know the alarm’s current status.

Closeup of someone accessing the Ring security app on their smartphone.


The Armed, Disarmed, and Away buttons only light up when you first trigger them. So, if you wake up one morning and forget to turn the alarm off before walking outside, you might not realize it until you open the door and the alarm starts blaring.

But, you can disarm or arm your alarm from the app without knowing the code you set up, which makes it handy if you walk out of the house and forget to set it.

Fitting Snug

All in all, Ring does a good job of making home security systems that are tailored specifically for your household easy and straightforward. Installation isn’t overly complex, and the app walks you through all the steps you need to get everything up and running.

"We live in a rented home, so being able to set up a video doorbell and outside cameras without needing to hardwire them was essential..."

I didn’t have any issues getting connected, and it’s been performing flawlessly for the past few days. I’ve even set it off to test how quickly it kicks in, and it didn’t disappoint. Notifications can easily be customized, which makes using the Ring app even more enticing as it can easily keep track of the events happening in your home.

It might have a few bumps here and there, but overall, Ring does a great job of making home security affordable and easy to set up. Throw in the low-cost option to subscribe to professional-level monitoring, and it’s almost unbeatable.

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