Ring Alarm Adds Security-Enhancing Glass Break Sensor

Available on February 16

The modular Ring Alarm security system just got even more, uh, modular-y with a recent CES announcement by the company. 

Ring and parent company Amazon just unveiled the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor, as described in a company press release. This accessory for the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro systems uses fine-tuned sensors to detect the sound and vibrations of glass breaking, which can help deter would-be thieves trying to enter your home via a window. 

Ring Glass Break Sensor


Here's how it works. Once placed, the sensor detects glass breaking from up to 25 feet away. If it senses glass breaking, it sends a notification to your phone's Ring App, instigates a call from the company's monitoring department, or sounds a siren alarm in your home, depending on your app settings and your specific subscription type. 

You can mount the sensor on the ceiling, a wall, or even furniture, so long as it is near some glass.  

You can purchase and install as many of these sensors as you need, all tied to the same Ring account, suiting the modular nature of the service. The Glass Break Sensor joins the company's line of contact sensors, motion detectors, smoke and CO detectors, and flood and freeze sensors, all of which can be mixed and matched. 

The Ring Glass Break Sensor launches on February 16 for $40, though you'll also need a security system hub and a service subscription.

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