How to Right-Click on a Laptop

Use a touchpad, mouse, or keyboard

What to Know

  • In Windows, click the lower-right corner of the touchpad, tap the touchpad with two fingers, or press Shift+F10.
  • On a Mac, click the touchpad with two fingers, or hold the Control key and click with one finger.
  • On a touchscreen, tap and hold. Some laptop keyboards have a right-click button called the Menu key (a cursor selecting a menu).

This article explains how to right-click on a laptop using the mouse or keyboard. The instructions apply to all Windows and Mac computers.

How Do I Right-Click on a Touchpad?

Macs and Windows-based PCs can right click, typically without changing any default settings.

If the touchpad isn't working, make sure it's not disabled. Some keyboards have a button that turns off the touchpad, which you may have pressed by accident.

Right-Click on a Touchpad on a Windows-Based Laptop

If your Windows laptop doesn't have a right-click button, click in the lower-right corner of the touchpad. If there's a single button below the trackpad, press the right side to right-click. The button may or may not have a dividing line between right and left.

Windows 10 introduced touchpad gestures and, if enabled, you can right-click by tapping the touchpad with two fingers.

It's possible to switch the mouse buttons in Windows, so if the buttons are mixed up, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Select your primary button.

Right-Click on a Mac Notebook

On Macs, press the trackpad with two fingers instead of one. Alternatively, put two fingers on the touchpad and then click with a third finger. You can also change the secondary click settings on Mac so that you can right-click by clicking in the lower-right corner (or even the lower-left corner, if you prefer).

Two fingers right-clicking on a Mac trackpad


A Mouse Is Also an Option

Another option is to connect a mouse to your laptop. Practically every mouse has a dedicated right-click button. Some external mice have multiple buttons that can be customized, so you can choose which button right-clicks. Consult the manual or check the manufacturer's website for more guidance.

How Do You Right-Click on a Laptop Keyboard?

On a Mac, press and hold the Control key, then click the trackpad. Holding down Control switches the primary and secondary click, which means you can right-click by left-clicking.

On some Windows laptops, you can use a keyboard shortcut to right-click, although there are limitations. Place the cursor in a text field or select an item you want to right-click, then press Shift+F10.

In a web browser, you can right-click the active web page using the Shift+F10 shortcut, but you can't right-click individual objects on the page (links, images, etc.) with the exception of text fields.

How Do You Right-Click on a Laptop Without a Mouse?

If your Windows laptop has a touchscreen, tap-and-hold an item or text field to bring up right-click options. If touchscreen functionality has been turned off, enable the touchscreen in your Device Manager.

How Do You Right-Click on a Laptop Without an F10 Key

Some laptop keyboards have a right-click button called the Menu key. Look for a key with a cursor selecting a menu (or just a menu).

Menu key highlight on keyboard


  • How do I right-click on a laptop without making a sound?

    To change mouse click sounds in Windows, go to the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Change System Sounds. From there, you can assign sounds to different actions (like opening a program or minimizing a window).

  • How do I right-click on an iPad?

    Tap and hold your finger on or near text to open the right-click menu on the iPad. You can't right-click everywhere on the iPad, and the right-click menu has fewer functions than on a computer.

  • How do I copy and paste when I can't right-click?

    To copy and paste when you can't right-click, highlight the text and press Ctrl+C or Command+C to copy, then press Ctrl/Command+V to paste. To cut, press Ctrl/Command+X.

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