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Because just one Raspberry Pi won't do!. Richard Saville

Hi, I'm Richard Saville. I'm not a professional programmer. I'm not a hardware engineer. I'm not even a qualified electrician.

No, I'm just like the vast majority of people who pick up the Raspberry Pi for the first time - a curious tinkerer fuelled by previous exposure to technology. That's why I like to write about this little computer, to share my experiences, projects and learnings with like-minded average people.

I can regularly be found at 'Raspberry Jam' events sharing my projects, on Twitter discussing 'GPIOs and resistors' or even on Kickstarter from time to time launching my own Raspberry Pi products


I've been a fan of the Pi ever since the original Model B was released back in 2012, after a colleague suggested I take a look based on my interest for PC building. I've shared my progress with the device on my personal blog ever since then, and have become an active member of the Raspberry Pi community in the UK.

I've written tutorials and project features for the official Raspberry Pi magazine (The MagPi) and my interest in the device even lead to me designing my own range of add-on boards for the Pi, funding these through popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Richard Saville

 "If it works, it works"

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