Send Stylized Emails With Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail

Say goodbye to boring email

With Yahoo Mail, you can send plain-text emails or messages containing attachments. When you'd like to create more graphically interesting emails, however, you can use the text editor to bold, italicize, and format text.

Using Rich Formatting in Yahoo Mail

Rich Text tools in Yahoo Mail

To add formatting to an email you compose in Yahoo Mail, use the row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Hover your cursor over each icon to see how each will change the formatting of your text.

Click the button with three dots at the end of the row to make more options visible.

Each icon offers a different feature you can incorporate into your email:

  • The paperclip icon attaches a file to the email. This feature is also available in plain-text mode.
  • The GIF box inserts an animated gif into the body of the message.
  • The Stationery button, which looks like a greeting card with a heart on it, opens a window that lets you pick a background for your email based on different occasions.
  • The Emoji button inserts emojis into your message.
  • The button shaped like a chain creates a hyperlink from the text you select.
  • The capital B controls bold text. You can bold highlighted text to or toggle it on to type in bold automatically.
  • The button with a capital I turns italics on and off.
  • The text color button, which has a trio of red, yellow, and green circles, changes the color of the text in your message.
  • The font button looks like two capital letter A's and lets you use a different typeface.
  • Under the button with three dots, you can control orientation, formatting, and some other options. The first three options let you choose between left, center, and right justification. You can apply different orientations to separate paragraphs or sections in your email.
  • The next two create bulleted or ordered (numbered) lists.
  • Increase or decrease indents with the next two buttons.
  • The button with a capital letter S with a line through it lets you strike through text. Anything you apply this formatting to will have a line through it.
  • The final button, which looks like Tx, turns on plain text mode. Switching to plain text removes all formatting in the message.
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