Send Stylized Emails With Rich Text Formatting in Yahoo Mail

Say goodbye to boring email

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With Yahoo Mail, you can send plain-text emails or messages containing attachments. When you'd like to send more graphically interesting email, however, you can use the text editor to bold, italicize, and underline text.

Using Rich Formatting in Yahoo Mail

Adding formatting to an email you compose in Yahoo Mail is a simple process:

  1. Open a new compose screen by clicking Compose at the top of the Yahoo Mail sidebar.
  2. Enter the recipient's name or email address and the subject line. Optionally, begin typing the text in the email.
  3. The row of icons you see is the formatting toolbar.
  4. Hover your cursor over each icon to see how each will change the formatting of your text.

If you don't see the formatting toolbar, just click >> to show more options.

Each icon offers a different feature you can incorporate into your email:

  • Select the Tt icon to change the font and font size of the text in the email. Highlight the text you want to change before making your font selections.
  • Buttons, B and I add bold or italic formatting to selected text.
  • Use the button with the A on it to change the color of the highlighted text or to apply a highlight effect to it. 
  • The icon with three lines allows you to insert bulleted or numbered lists.
  • The icon with lines and an arrow lets you indent text.
  • The next icon lets you change the alignment of the text to centered or flush right. 
  • Select the link icon to attach a file.
  • Check out available emoticons with the smiley face icon.
  • The text and checkmark icon initiates spell-check.
  • Clicking the << icon closes the formatting toolbar.